Deepka Lalwani has earned the Endorsement of the Milpitas Post  







-Mike Honda, Congressman 17th District







It is a pleasure to endorse your candidacy for the Milpitas City Council. I am proud to have you include my name on your list of endorsers. As someone who served in local government for many years, I take pride in the high quality of our public officials on the Peninsula. You are part of fine tradition and I know you will make a significant difference for our community. You have my best wishes for a successful race and a rewarding term in office.

- Anna Eschoo, Congresswoman 14th District



“Deepka Lalwani is honest, hard-working, and represents the diverse community in Milpitas.   She is committed to represent all the residents of Milpitas with integrity and honesty.   I believe Deepka will make decisions based on what is best for all of us and not any special interests.”

- Althea Polanski, Milpitas City Councilmember



“I’m endorsing Deepka Lalwani for the Milpitas City Council. As a community advocate for Milpitas and the greater Bay Area she uses an inclusive approach; actively engaging youth, women and new immigrants in public policy issues. Deepka’s contributions and service to the community were recognized with the Asian American Hero award in 2002.”

-Liz Kniss, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors


I endorse Deepka Lalwani for Milpitas City Council





-Dave Cortese, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

I endorse Deepka Lalwani for City Council





-George Shirakawa Jr., Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors


“Deepka is a community activist, involved in many civic organizations.  She is a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum and past president of the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce.  Deepka is an excellent choice to serve on the Milpitas City Council.”

-Lawrence (Larry) E. Stone, Santa Clara County Assessor


I endorse Deepka Lalwani for Milpitas City Council

-Laurie Smith, Santa Clara County Sheriff




“Deepka has a long history of community work. She is a good neighbor and  is active in neighborhood watch and National Night out.”

-Trang Do


“Deepka has strong values, is a grassroots activist and is involved in women’s issues. Deepka will bring a fresh new voice to the City Council – that’s why I support her!”

-Cindy Maxwell, Retired City employee and 24-year Milpitas resident


“I had the opportunity to work with Deepka as a member of the Milpitas City Budget Task Force. She is community activist and will be a great council member. I support her.”

-Ami Shah, CPA


“Deepka has worked in her Milpitas community and the Greater Bay Area with the soul and spirit of self-less service.  Deepka has clear vision and extensive business experience; her deep values cannot be undermined. I support Deepka; she is a terrific candidate for the Milpitas City Council-please give her your vote!”

-Cybele  LoVuolo-Bhushan – Secretary,  Board of Directors, Mid-Peninsula ACLU


“Deepka has been a long-term grass root activist, and I support her whole-heartedly.”

-Sally Wu


“Deepka has years of experience working first hand with the citizens of Milpitas and protecting individual rights. Her experience and dedication towards our community makes her an excellent candidate for the Milpitas City Council.”

-Samantha Beard, Community Advisory Commission, Chair


“I admire Deepka’s sincerity and sense of commitment in serving the community. With her long-standing record of public service in the city of Milpitas, including as a Planning Commissioner, and President of the Chamber of Commerce, she is best positioned to serve the city as a council member.  I feel proud to support her in this campaign.”

-Manjula Gupta, Producer/Host, Chai with Manjula


When Deepka is in the City Council, I will consider attending City Council meetings because I will know that my voice will be heard; that my perspectives will be considered by at least one person. I trust her judgement and her ability to stand alone when she knows what’s best for Milpitas. I proudly endorse Deepka’s candidacy for Milpitas City Council.

-Cyd F. Mathias, 35-yr resident of Milpitas


Deepka is active in Neighborhood watch, I support her.

-Susi Gunarsa  

“Deepka is a neighborhood activist who regards the needs of the people of Milpitas first and foremost. She is my choice for City Council.”

-Steve Saso, Educator


Santa Clara Democratic Party

Democratic Activists for Women Now, DAWN 

South Bay Labor Council COPE

Silicon Valley Asian Pacific American Democratic Club


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