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About Deepka Lalwani

Deepka has been actively involved in the Milpitas community for more than 20 years. She believes in empowering women and minorities and is passionate about enabling local residents to voice their concerns to local, state and federal elected officials. Deepka has the tools and passion to empower the residents of Milpitas in City Hall.




  • Realtor, Intero Real Estate
  • MBA – San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
  • Senior Fellow – American Leadership Forum – SV, 2007 (Class XVIII)


Public Service

  • Milpitas Citizens Budget Taskforce, 2010
  • Former President, Milpitas Chamber of Commerce
  • Former Chair, Milpitas Planning Commission – Member for 5 years


Community Service

  • Board Member, Democratic Activists for Women Now (DAWN)
  • Member, Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee
  • Advisory Board Member, Silicon Valley Reads
  • Board Member, The Women’s Fund (1996-1999)
  • Board Member, Santa Clara County Children and Families First Commission
  • Member, Center to Develop Women Entrepreneurs
  • Former Program Chair – Milpitas Rotary Club, 5 years
  • Founder, Indian Business & Professional Women
  • Founder, Milpitas Democratic Club
  • Founder, Women for Political Empowerment
  • Honorary Member of Jain Center


Recognition and Awards

  • Asian American Hero Award, 2002
  • Milpitas Citizen of the Year, 1998
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Good Neighbor Award, 1999
November 2, 2012
Milpitas Post endorsed Deepka Lalwani for Cilty Council, recognizing that she has been“active in community service affairs for many years. She has a combination of outstanding educational and business experience. She has been an energetic advocate for Milpitas in regional women’s issues and was a founder of Indian Business and Professional Women.”

The Post commended her as a public servant, and said that It was time to put her on the city council where her wisdom to make the right decisions and the courage to make the hard ones should benefit all. Electing Mrs. Lallwani “will be a step forward that will serve the greater Milpitas community”, it concluded.

Letters to Milpitas Post November 2, 2012

Dear Fellow Milpitans,


 Since my arrival to Milpitas in 1977, I have observed many City Council members, but I have never been motivated to support a candidate until Deepka Lalwani announced that she was going to run for one of the seats this year. 


Having learned about grave mistakes made by past councils, I have come to realize that it’s imperative that our city Council representatives are mentally fit, educated, experienced in business, and knowledgeable about the politics and economics of running a city.  Deepka impresses me because she is all of the above. In addition to being honest, true to herself, and one of the most stable persons I know, Deepka has an MBA in Finance, is a businesswoman and a former chairperson of the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce, she was appointed to the Milpitas Budget Task Force, is a former Milpitas Planning Commissioner, board member of Democratic Activists for Women Now, founder of Business and Professional Women Organization, and has supported Neighborhood Watch. It’s no wonder that Deepka has many endorsements from state, county, and city officials, and from school board trustees.  


If elected, Deepka will apply her common sense, education, and business knowledge to make the best decisions for this little town that we are all so proud to claim as our own.  Please join me in voting for Deepka Lalwani for Milpitas City Council on November 6th!

Cyd Mathias
Milpitas Teacher

Deepka Lalwani for Milpitas City Council

I am writing this letter in support of Deepka Lalwani in her bid for elections to the Milpitas City Council. I have known Lalwani for more than 20 years, and have watched her serve not only the Milpitas community but the neighboring cities in the Bay Area. Lalwani has the support from the county and congress members because of her involvement with a larger community than Mipitas. We all know activism is not restricted by boundaries.
Over the years, Lalwani has demonstrated her leadership skills through her involvement in many organizations.
I don’t live in Milpitas but I am supporting Lalwani by volunteering and fund raising for her campaign because it is women like Lalwani who can see the big picture and make not just Milpitas but neighboring towns a better place to live in. I also believe she will be a responsible, trustworthy and hardworking city council member, who will keep everyone in mind when making decisions. I hope you will consider voting for Deepka Lalwani if you are a registered voter living in Milpitas on Nov. 6.
Pragati Grover
Saratoga CA
Sep 27th Mercury News Letters

Milpitas candidate empowers community

I am writing in support of Deepka Lalwani, candidate for Milpitas City Council. I first got to know Deepka through the organization she founded in 1994, called Indian Business and Professional Women. Through her organization she encouraged women empowerment for the many immigrants living in Silicon Valley. A passionate advocate, she has encouraged community members to get involved in Girls For a Change (GFC), a national organization that empowers girls to create social change. They invite young women to design, lead, fund, and implement social change projects in their neighborhoods. Deepka has proved her commitment to the community she lives in and actively encourages all to take part in the political process. I remember attending a very interesting meeting with Emerge California at her house. Emerge helps in identifying, training and encouraging women to run for office, get elected and seek higher office. It is women like Deepka who change the world. Go Deepka.


Vandana Kumar

Publisher, India Currents


Sep 30th Mercury News Letters

Elect Lalwani to Milpitas council
I’m excited Deepka Lalwani is running for Milpitas City Council. Ten years ago I was introduced to Lalwani as someone whose organization (Indian Business and Professional Women) might enjoy my novel. While my story had nothing to do with India, Lalwani embraced us both. She invited me to networking events, promoted my book better than my publisher, recommended the title for SVR.

I’d love to think my words inspired her enthusiasm. But this is just who Lalwani is. In her years of founding IBPW and volunteering for numerous organizations, raising a family, and working in real estate, she works from a big picture of people interconnecting to make our city a better place. But wait. Milpitas isn’t my city.

While I can’t vote, I’ve donated to her campaign. I know she’ll be a Council member with vision, ability and heart. If you’re lucky enough to live in Milpitas, remember Deepka Lalwani.

Jana McBurney-Lin
Author, My Half of the Sky
Milpitas Post- October 12 2012
Lalwani for Council
I’m a 24 year resident of Milpitas. I retired from the city of Milpitas after working for our community for over 28 years.  In all that time, I never endorsed any political candidate running for local office so I could remain neutral in my work for the planning and engineering departments and the city manager’s office.  This year, for the first time, after 24 years, I have a city council candidate’s sign in my front yard.  This year I am proud to declare my support for Deepka Lalwani for Milpitas City Council.Deepka Lalwani is an independent thinker with a deep commitment to the city and people of Milpitas. Most importantly to me, Deepka is honest and a person of integrity.  I trust Deepka Lalwani.  She is not indebted to any special interests and will continue her years of hard work on behalf of a better Milpitas. Deepka Lalwani is the change we need on the Milpitas City Council.
Cindy Maxwell
Smithwood St.

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